Dealing with Depression – How to Get out of a Depressive Episode

Woman suffering from a depressive episode

Having to deal with depression is one of the most challenging mental illness endeavors anyone can have to undertake. Depression is like a hole that keeps digging itself. Depression puts you in a place where you lose energy, motivation, and hope, the three feelings you need to take you out of it in the first […]

Can Depression Cause Memory Loss?

Man whose suffering from depression and also struggling with memory loss

Depression can be devastating because of how much it impacts your health. But the same condition can also affect your cognitive function, mainly related to memory loss. For the more than 20 million adults in the United States experiencing depression, experiencing this symptom can be devastating. As if the resulting mental health struggles weren’t enough, […]

TMS vs. Ketamine

Ketamine vs TMS for Depression in Riverside County, CA

Ketamine & transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) are alternative forms other than medication as a treatment for depression.

Self-Sabotaging & Depression

Self-Sabotaging Depression in Riverside County, CA

Self-sabotaging behaviors can be common with a depression diagnosis. With self-care and treatment, depression symptoms can be reduced.

PrTMS vs. rTMS

PrTMS vs. rTMS in Riverside County, Ca

PrTMS and rTMS are similar treatments for treatment-resistant depression, but the protocols are slightly different.

Am I Depressed? Depression Self-Test

Pregnant and Depressed

Depression is a mental health disorder that can be debilitating. Take our self-test to see if you struggle with depression and learn about treatment options.

Veterans and Depression


Veterans commonly struggle with depression. TMS and other psychotherapy can help relieve symptoms of depression.