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At Inland Empire TMS we take the practice of caring for mental health very seriously. Our team of experienced, passionate, and dedicated professionals always have the patient’s wellbeing as the top priority. Wherever you may be on your journey with depression or other mental health-related issues, you can rest assured that the hardworking team at Inland Empire TMS will go the extra mile to make your goals come true. It is possible to live a happy and fulfilling life and we can help you make it there. Give us a call today!

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Meet Dr. Sunder

Dr. Keerthy Sunder, MD is an accomplished Physician with extensive experience as a clinician, researcher, administrator, teacher, and lecturer. He is passionate and dedicated when it comes to the field of mental health and addiction. Dr. Sunder is adept at utilizing breakthrough Neuroscience Technologies including Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and Neurofeedback at his Integrative Psychiatry Practice in Southern California. He owns and operates a NeuroStar TMS Therapy device and has done Grand Round presentations on TMS at Loma Linda VA and Arrowhead Regional Hospital. Dr. Sunder holds Diplomates from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and the American Board of Addiction Medicine. He is also a Diplomate of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in London, England. He is currently on Clinical and Teaching Faculty with the Department of Psychiatry, University of Riverside School of Medicine, and an Adjunct Professor at Southern California University of Health Sciences. 

The Inland Empire TMS Staff

Dr. Yucui Chen

Dr. Yucui Chen trained in Psychiatry at UC San Diego. She is double-boarded in Psychiatry and Addiction medicine. Dr. Chen currently provides her expertise as a behavioral health medical director for a Substance Use Treatment Center whilst maintaining an active clinical practice.

Rachel McDuffie PA-C

Rachel McDuffie PA-C completed her Physician Assistant education at Wichita State University. She has extensive experience in managing patients with co-occurring medical, psychiatric and substance disorders. When not treating patients, Rachel draws great pleasure from raising her young daughter.

Punit Patel

Punit Patel completed his Physician Assistant education at Arcadia University. Punit is passionate about integrative psychiatry, telepsychiatry and neuromodulation modalities. A movie buff, Punit can be found relaxing with Netflix in his spare time.