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For many military members, the transition back to civilian life can be a difficult one. The stressors of military life, not to mention time away from friends, family and familiar surroundings – can bring on mental health challenges, including depression and PTSD. Too many active duty or retired military encounter struggle with depression, PTSD, anxiety or other mental health issues because they simply don’t know where to turn for help.

First, let’s start with the good news: TRICARE insurance covers mental health treatment – including TMS therapy – for military members and their families. At Inland Empire TMS, we help ensure military members and their family members receive the mental health care they need. We offer TMS therapy, covered by TRICARE and Triwest, as a standard treatment for PTSD and depression.

Read on to learn more about how TMS can be a game-changer in mental health for veterans and active military members.

The Mental Health Crisis in our Military

The recent uptick in mental health concerns in the United States isn’t limited to the general public. The demanding reality of combat exposure, lengthy deployments, and extended separations from loved ones creates an environment where mental health issues can easily surface among both active military members and veterans. In fact, in 2020 alone, approximately 5.2 million veterans reported a struggle with a mental health condition, chief among them is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Often characterized by distressing flashbacks, haunting nightmares, and debilitating anxiety, the consequences of PTSD can be profound, making the already demanding process of military service or transitioning back into civilian life even more challenging. Adding to this, the inherent unpredictability and relentless pressures of military life can also contribute to the onset of depression. These conditions harm a person’s overall well-being and quality of life, especially when they see no resolution for their symptoms.

The Importance of Effective Treatment

Recognizing the signs of mental health issues and seeking help is vital for military members. Untreated mental health conditions can worsen over time, affecting not only the individual’s personal life but also their effectiveness in carrying out their military duties.

In the past, military members had limited options for treating PTSD and depression. While treatments such as therapy, medication, and support groups have been successful for many, they may not work for everyone, leading to frustration when treatments don’t work. Some military members may also be hesitant to seek treatment due to concerns about potential side effects or the stigma associated with mental health issues. This is where TMS can be an absolute game-changer for military mental health.

Why is TMS a Good Option for Depression Treatment?

Approved by the FDA in 2008 to treat depression, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is an innovative and non-invasive treatment option that can offer immense relief for military members struggling with PTSD and depression. This cutting-edge approach to veteran mental health support presents many advantages for the lives of military members, such as:

Non-Invasive Procedure: As a non-invasive procedure, TMS requires no surgery or anesthesia. Patients sit in a comfortable chair and receive magnetic pulses to their scalp, experiencing only a gentle tapping or clicking sensation during treatment, promising a stress-free and comfortable experience.

Minimal Side Effects: TMS is generally well-tolerated, with few side effects. Some patients may experience mild headaches or scalp discomfort, which tends to subside after a few sessions.

Highly Targeted Treatment: TMS is incredibly precise and can be tailored to stimulate specific brain regions linked to the patient’s mental health condition. This precision allows for personalized treatment plans, ensuring that each military member receives the unique care they need.

Reduced Medication Dependence: For military members who wish to avoid medication or reduce their reliance on it, TMS offers a chance to take control of their treatment plan as a medication-free alternative.

Evidence-Based Efficacy: Extensive research has demonstrated TMS’s effectiveness in treating PTSD and depression, making it a lifeline option for military members who have struggled to find relief in other traditional treatments.

Convenient Treatment: TMS sessions are typically brief, lasting 20-30 minutes, allowing them to fit into a military member’s busy schedule without too much disruption.

Covered by TRICARE: TMS is a covered service under both TRICARE and TriWest.

Insurance Options for Military Veterans

Cost concerns can inhibit military members from seeking professional treatment. The good news is that access to TMS treatment for PTSD and depression is readily available for active duty and retired military.


Tricare is a health care program designed for uniformed service members, retirees, and their families. Their commitment to improving military members’ mental health is evident by their coverage of TMS as a treatment option for eligible beneficiaries with conditions such as treatment-resistant depression (TRD) and PTSD.


TriWest is a critical component of the Veterans Affairs (VA) Community Care network, primarily serving veterans who receive care through the VA. TriWest aims to provide veterans with timely access to high-quality health care, including mental health treatments. For veterans who qualify, TriWest often covers TMS therapy as an approved treatment for depression and PTSD.

Inland Empire TMS Accepts TRICARE and TriWest Insurance for TMS Therapy

No one should have to bear the heavy burden of mental health alone. While many military members may not be aware of the services at their disposal, it’s essential to know that mental health support is always accessible for our active duty and veteran military members in need. When it comes to seeking treatment for mental health conditions like PTSD and depression, choosing the right provider is essential.

Inland Empire TMS is firmly committed to providing high-quality mental health services for military members. We are proud to offer evidence-based, compassionate care for those who have not had acceptable results from medication and psychotherapy. Through cutting-edge treatments like TMS, we are proud to do our part to help military members, military families, and military veterans overcome debilitating mental health issues like depression, PTSD, and anxiety.

You served us; now let us serve you. Call us today to start your journey toward a better life!

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