Why TMS Works for Treatment Resistant Depression

A man holds his head as he struggles with treatment resistant depression.

Finding an effective depression treatment can be a challenge. The standard protocol is to prescribe an antidepressant medication and evaluate the patient’s response. If that medication does not adequately control the depression, or if the side effects of the medication are too severe, a new prescription is issued for a different antidepressant. This process continues […]



Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is among the most common mental illness in the world. Thanks to advances in medicinal science, we have been able to treat the severe symptoms and functional impairment that can come with MDD. Though unfortunately, pharmaceutical and behavioral interventions don’t always provide the needed relief to all those who struggle with […]

Effective Tips to Cope With Treatment-Resistant Depression

How to deal with treatment resistant depression

Are you or someone you care about suffering from treatment-resistant depression? Although in some cases, depression can be cured with a combination of appropriate medication and talking therapy, in other cases, conventional interventions can make little difference. The effects of stubborn depression can be devastating, both for the sufferer and for their loved ones. Here […]